Delivery conditions

1. These conditions apply to all contracts for the sale and distribution of products from the online store of [Mardo Media] (Wheel Stand Centre).

2. Placing an order implies acceptance of these conditions in the buyer.
Of these conditions can be waived only after written confirmation of (Wheel Stand Centre).

3. A contract is only concluded after acceptance of your order by (Wheel Stand Centre).

4. All quotations are made without engagement and are subject to availability. All prices quoted by (Wheel Stand Centre) in the shop are in Euro, including VAT and excluding shipping costs.

5 . Payment of the amount due to (Wheel Stand Centre) can only be done in the manner mentioned in payment is "in the shop.

6. The goods ordered will be shipped upon receipt of full payment of the order within 8 days. If ordered items may not be available and the customer has already paid and short-term supply is not possible, the monies already paid will be returned. , In consultation with the client This will then also terminated the agreement.

7. The delivery is just a target time , which starts as soon as all data and payment in our possession, and is therefore not binding. When they are exceeded, eg due to late delivery by a manufacturer, the postal or courier service, the customer no rights against Wheel stand pro assert. For any damage resulting from a delay in delivery is (Wheel Stand Centre) therefore not liable.

8. The ordered products travel at the risk of (Wheel Stand Centre). Any transport damage must be paid to the relevant carrier and should be on (Wheel Stand Centre). Receipt of the goods reported by the buyer in writing within 24 hours reported on delivery The buyer bears the risk of the products from the moment the products are offered for. At the specified address The buyer is obliged to take delivery. Receipt of the products Failing this , the products are stored by the carrier. If the buyer upon delivery of the products refuses to take delivery, they are sent back to (Wheel Stand Centre). In case the buyer refused the products or she has not picked up at the warehouse specified by the carrier, within 2 weeks (Wheel Stand Centre) the right to return of the costs incurred by (Wheel Stand Centre). Buyer an invoice This includes the transportation, handling and any impairment. These costs are 15% of the principal amount with a minimum of € 25,-

9. (Wheel Stand Centre) connects to the customer to deliver of sound materials are manufactured and which best match the picture and description in the shop. Products are The customer should be taken into account slight differences in shape and color of the products shown. Such deviations do not give the customer the right to the receipt or payment of the delivered refusing to longing. Adjustment of its obligations or pay any compensation for Wheel stand pro

10. Guarantee applies only if it is granted. By (Wheel Stand Centre) expressly in writing Guarantee in case of goods supplied (Wheel Stand Centre) buys elsewhere also only apply to the extent provided by the manufacturer. Supplier (Wheel Stand Centre) is obliged to support. Proper claims of the other party warranty Used goods are never guaranteed. The buyer must provide a clear description of the complaint, the next eligible for replacement or repair products and must return to (Wheel Stand Centre). Them at their own expense in the original packaging If after checking that there is indeed from defects, will (Wheel Stand Centre) remedy these defects at its own expense. Hereafter (Wheel Stand Centre) shipping to the buyer may bear. If the defects are caused by the purchaser, the repair and shipping for his account. The buyer can not rely on the warranty: A: if the buyer has neglected the products. B: If the buyer has made changes to the products or to make including repairs that are not on behalf (Wheel Stand Centre) performed by or. C: by improper or careless use , incorrect connection, incorrect voltage, lightning, damage due to moisture or other external causes or misfortunes. D: if the product is not maintained in the usual or described in the manual mode. E: If the product is used with subordinate or wrong accessories. F: if the buyer has handled the products otherwise negligent.
(Wheel Stand Centre) reimbursed in any case costs related to (dis) assembly and / or spray cost of products supplied by (Wheel Stand Centre).

11. Complaints should be reported, with a clear description of the complaint. Within seven days after delivery to (Wheel Stand Centre) any claim by the customer against (Wheel Stand Centre), relating to defects in the products supplied by (Wheel Stand Centre) lapse if the defects these conditions have not been reported in accordance with and / or the products are no longer in the state in which they were delivered. In the absence of timely notification, the other party is deemed to have received the goods. In good condition (Wheel Stand Centre) any right to complain shall lapse if the goods have been put entirely or partially. Return of the supplied conditions can only with the prior written permission of Wheel stand pro underneath (Wheel Stand Centre) determine. The shipping cost of return shipment shall be borne by the sender / customer. The items must not be damaged or used.

12. Retention: The ownership of products by (Wheel Stand Centre) is expressly reserved to the full purchase price has been paid.

13. Trademarks: The trade marks or the type or identification numbers or characters, which are made by (Wheel Stand Centre) or supplier of (Wheel Stand Centre) on the delivered products may not be removed, damaged or altered.

14. Limitation of Liability: (Wheel Stand Centre) accepts no responsibility for damage to other equipment of copper or third parties caused by a defect in a product delivered. (Wheel Stand Centre) is in no way liable for product damage caused by mishandling, incompetence, improper installation, improper use or operation outside of the specifications. (Wheel Stand Centre) reimbursed in any case costs related to (dis) assembly and / or spray cost of products supplied by (Wheel Stand Centre).

15. In case of force majeure, including to mean any circumstance beyond our power, making compliance with the agreement can not reasonably be required of us is (Wheel Stand Centre) never obliged to pay any compensation to the customer and / or others.

16. Photos and names and logos owned by (Wheel Stand Centre) and / or one of the suppliers of (Wheel Stand Centre) may be used or copied without written permission from (Wheel Stand Centre). In no way

17. On our offers and agreements are subject to Dutch law.